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This canoe is designed by John Heason at Harbour Boats for a customer who has since agreed to this being released for sale.

The one in the pictures was built using Core-cell for the hull and marine plywood decks as the customer wanted this canoe light enough that he could carry alone. The finished weight of this canoe, including the mast and sails is 75lb.

The mast and boom is solid mahogany hand crafted by us. the rudder arms are also mahogany with the rudder blade and housing constructed from marine plywood.

Unlike other sailing canoes on the markey, this one has a centreboard again constructed from marine ply. This again was the customers choice as he did not want to use a dagger board.

The sail for this particular boat was made using ripstop nylon/polyester fabric again to keep the weight low. The weight of the sail and mast was important in this instance because of the weight balance with the light weight hull. We did find when finished that this craft could safely take a normal weight sail and mast, which we would recommend for these boats.
This boat is 14 foot long with a beam of just 38 inches allowing the customer to paddle it like a traditional canoe if the wind fails. The mast on this canoe will sit inside the cockpit.

This canoe is being used as an example of the type of craft that we can design and build. We will only build this canoe to order and it will be your choice on what type of mast rudder and sails you have, the sizes can also be adjusted to meet your requirements.

As a sailing craft this boat is fast and being flat bottomed able to go into the shallowest of waters.

It does require experience of sailing to get the full potential from this boat.

Price for this boat start at 3500 depending on what trims and rig you want.

For a exact price please contact us.
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