Benefits of water sports (Part 1)

Water sport brings new experience for players when they have opportunity to discover new life in the marine. Besides it, it also is useful for health and mental.

In this article, we collect top physical and mental benefits from water sports for your reference. Even, someone doesn’t like water sports, doctors still advise them to practice it to improve health issues better.

1, Boost your mood better

When you practice normal exercise, your mood has become better because it reduces endorphins which cause down-mood and negative thinking.

Furthermore, youfeel more comfortable in the water. As amazing mode, water can make your muscles relax, your mind take a rest and your whole body massage naturally. Impact on pressure of water will interact and wake up all body parts. So that, it is great to improve mental health issues.

Let it imagnie, after a tired working day, you are immersed in the water and enjoy swimming. It’s wonderful to refresh your mind and create new ideals. Your mood will become better and positively.

2, Benefit for the whole joints

Some normal excerise makes your discomfort when you can’t adapt all poses fluently. So the joints becomes rough and hard to move smoothly.

However, this issue will be improved in playing water sport.

Any game in the water, your weight and musckes are loosen naturally through impact of water.

As a good result, all joints in the body are practiced and developed well. 

In general, per water sport requires other skills, but as long as you are immersed in water, your body will be healthy.

So, someone has issues about painful joints, joining water sports is an useful way to recover injury fast and effectively. The fact, many reports prove that doing water sport bring benefits to heal soẻ and painful joints while it doesn’t waste so much money and time as other ways.

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The best adventure water sports you try in India (Part 2)

Here we continue to share top water sports you should play when visiting to India. 

As referred from the former article, India is an interesting nation to discover natural beauties. So, this is one great option when you prefer to travel to some new places.

In the previous article, we recommend some places to enjoy White water rafting. Now, we continue to share other water sports.

2, Kayaking

Doing kayaking, it’s a good choice to discover the Indian water life.

When kayaking, you can feel clearly comfort and nature of landscapes around off shore island and travel.

We recommend some destinations for Kayaking in India as followings:

Brahmaputra River in Arunachal Pradesh: this is an adventurous destination for someone loving the height. Kayaking at here brings a lot of amazing feeling and ultimate balm. The best time to experience is from Nov to Mar when the water rate is high and has more waves.

Subansiri kayaking in Arunachal Pradesh: The beckoning water seems so-wild and strong, so you feel exciting when kayaking at here. The best ideal to kayaking is in the winter. The nature is pure and peaceful to discover everything around the river.

Rishikesh: It is another kayaking track bringing challenge and experience for beginners. You can face up with some obstacles from the water or somethings in tracks which prevents from your speed. Try the best to go sightseeing all landscapes around years. The best time to kayaking is from October to April. 

3, Sailing

Sailing on the sea through board is great emotion when people can explore beauty of the sea by your own. Furthermore, you also sit or lie and relax when sailing on it.

The natural beauty of the west coast will open your eyes about landscapes on the sea.

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The best adventure water sports you try in India (Part 1)

India is an interesting nation for travel. At there, you can discover a wide range of landscapes in the mountains as well the sea. It looks natural and beautiful. 

One of interesting activities around the sea in India you can try is to enjoy some adventurous water sports. 

Now, we will recommend some water sports for your discovery. If you are a fan of new experience, you can follow our reference.

1, White water rafting

White water rafting is an epic water adventure and doesn’t apply for someone in heart-attack issues. You adjust the rafts to navigate board to side you expect. Your hands play an important role to decide correct direction for the rafts. However, sometimes you are in trouble with wild waters or thrill of riding which causes danger or disbalance for your board. Once you can control it fluently, you are free to enjoy the nature around untamed rivers. It looks an interesting experience.

There are some outstanding places in India for white water rafting like:

Rishikesh in Uttarakhand:  it is recommended as the best destination for your exploration. You should visit it from Sep to Jun.

River Indus in Ladakh or Jammu and Kashmir. You can try it from Jun to end of Aug when the water levels are high and dangerous.

Teesta River in Sikkim and Darjeelin: You can choose white water rafting or peddle at there. These are two water activities in the most favorite. However, it has a little thrilling. It’s better to enjoy in in the winter, from Oct to Apr.

Zanskar in Jammu and Kashmir: the sea level at there about 12000 feet which is dangerous and exciting for any diver to try white water rafting. The best time to visit is from Jul to Aug. Don’t come here in the winter because water can be freeze. 

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Equipment you should use in scuba diving (Part 2)

As referred in the former article, to join scuba diving, you need to prepare a set of accessory which plays an important role to protect and support you during the diving time under the water.

Although expense of these scuba diving equipment is expensive, you can rent or purchase it for yourself, depending on your budget or purpose.

Now, we will recommend several important equipment you need to own in your diving trip. Don’t ignore it if you want to have a safe trip.

4, Depth gauge, submersible pressure gauge and a compass.

This equipment should be collected together to serve your travel in the sea clearly. The fact that three functions can be combined in one 3-gauge instrument, so you are easy to choose it.

One depth gauge is useful to remind the depth you are diving. If your depth is over normal level, it will ring to warn you. While one submersible pressure gauge helps to show the amount of gas remain in the tank and a compass to navigate your position, even in the low visibility.  

In general, this equipment is expensive, but it can’t miss in your checklist. So, consider whether you should rent it for using one time or not.

5, Tank banger

It is made from hard material so that it can wrap and make outstanding of diver under the water.

This is useful when you want to appeal notices from other divers in emergencies or warn others about dangerous arear or predator.

6, Diving cylinder

This instrument is to provide a big source of oxygen which anyone needs it to dive in a depth. Without diving cylinder, you can’t breathe naturally.

7, Diving footwear

It is the last accessory you need to have a safe diving trip.

It maintains your feet in safety when you overcome any object like jagged rocks, coral or any hard surfaces in reefs.

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Equipment you should use in scuba diving (Part 1)

Scuba diving is an interested watersport in the recent time. People like it because they have opportunity to discover the real life in the ocean. 

However, this sport is not easy to enjoy. Divers can see so much risk and danger underwater. So, to protect yourself, you should prepare both theory and equipment.

Now, we will check list several necessary equipment you should use in scuba diving. If you tend to join this watersport, you should follow our instructions.

1, A high-quality diving mask

Under the water, your eyes can’t see clearly. Without a high-quality mask, you can’t control everything in the water. Some dirty, human waste or chemicals can make you unclear. So, it’s necessary to have a high-quality mask.

One mask can protect your eyes and see everything clearly in the water. It helps your diving expedition to become useful. 

The fact, you can rent a diving mask to save cost. However, you should invest money to buy a new. It can fit and meet your demand. Furthermore, you can use it in many times.

2, A suitable wetsuit

Wetsuit is an important accessory to make your trip smoothly.

Once using a suitable wetsuit, you are easy to dive and move in the water. Because material of wetsuit is made from neoprene rubber so it is suitable with the water.

Furthermore, your body temperature keeps warmer when wearing a diving wetsuit. It is useful to protect your skin under water.

This wetsuit should be bought to fit your body.

3, Scuba fins

Suba fins are easy to move in the water. You can adjust your speed through a pair of fins. 

It’s necessary in your checklist if you have a longer scuba diving trip. You can’t consume your energy only to move in the water. So, through scuba fins, you can save energy and explore other things in the ocean.

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Top watersport you should enjoy in the summer (Part 2)

Here we continue to check top the best watersport you can play in the summer. It’s great to immerse under water in the hot and sunny weather of the summer. Your mood feels better and happier to discover new thing from the world of under water.

5, Banana Boat Ride

Also a version of boating but it is completely different from kayaking. I

If kayaking brings a lot of peaceful minutes while you paddle and go sightseeing around, banana boat ride is another experience to make funny and a little adventurous with waves.

Although you are on a boat, it looks like inflatable and bumpy towed by a motorboat. So, speed is so higher than kayaking. 

Your team will be on waves and flow movement of motorboat. It should be an exciting experience during the hot summer. 

Don’t forget to use lifejacket to protect yourself safe during the trip.

6, Wakeboarding

It’s a thrilling and adventurous watersport, so should consider before joining it.

Once you can handle the board, you can overcome waves amazingly. It’s great when you are immersing and freshening by water’s splashing.

If you play this game in the first time, you should reference some tips for beginner. It’s better to use wakeboarding at the low speed to guarantee about safety. When you are mature, you can go further with higher speed.

7, Kite-surfing

Kite-surfing is higher level of traditional surfing which is combination between surfing and wakeboarding.

If you are confident to your surfing ability, this game is a new experience.

Still there are some thrilling emotion when you are using kite to move over waves. Speed of winds will push your speed on the water is higher and higher. So, it requires you to have enough power to keep kite. 

This sport is an adventurous game to make your summer to be more interesting.

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Top watersport you should enjoy in the summer (Part 1)

Summer is the great season to enjoy outdoor activities like watersports. It brings a lot of relaxing emotion as well benefits for health and mental.

In this article, we share top watersports you can play in the summer. Following our recommendation if you want to have a wonderful vacation.

1, Kayaking

Although kayaking is a new sport just being popular in the recent time, it has fast growth.

This sport is great to paddle and go sightseeing around the water area you go. If you can find river or lake or cave with natural landscapes, kayaking becomes more interesting.

Besides discovering the nature by yourself, you can improve muscles and joints around shoulders, head tightly. Furthermore, this sport is suitable with any age, so you can enjoy it with your family or friends.

2, Stand-up Paddling

Stand-up paddling is another option for the young when they want to discover by themselves. The fact, it brings new experience to go sightseeing and handle the board to anywhere you like.

If you feel tired, you can lie on the board for rest and paddle by your hands. It’s also great.

The fact, this sport is different from surfing or boarding. It doesn’t require so much energy but it also is great to combine relaxing and activity.

3, Jet Skiing

If you like thrilling or dangerous sports, jet skiing is your recommendation.

It’s amazing about super speed when you ski on the water. It’s better to wear a life jacket to protect you to be fallen anytime in process.

4, Parasailing

If you don’t scare the height, parasailing is a wonderful expereince. You will fly in the air through a boat. Then you can see all views around the sea.

Your soul feel comfortable and amazing.

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Let’s go Cornwall and enjoy winter watersports (Part 1)

Playing watersports in the winter is one interesting experience for anyone. Further, it’s helpful to practice and waken up your body in a long winter when people feel lazy for going outside.

Cornwall is a beautiful destination for playing winter watersports. There are many kinds of sports for your option like surfing, bodyboarding, stand0up paddle boarding, sailing or coasteering. 

If you hesitate to go Cornwall for a winter journey, following our article to see the reasons why you should choose Cornwall as destination in the winter.

1, A large view for yours

Someone doesn’t like the noisy area or the crowded when they have to pay money for service but are neglected by other customers.

However, coming a Cornwall is an ideal place to relax and take a rest. The area is so large to cover a big number of visitors. Or in case they feel quantity is enough, they will refuse to serve other customers. 

So, you usually feel peaceful and comfortable to enjoy your watersport without being neglected or affected by others. However, you will be always in safe hand. Even you don’t see any lifeguard but they always follow you from the further.

2, The conditions

Naturally, the weather in the winter is only about 6-7ft which is higher than other places. So, you feel warmer when playing winter watersports at there.

It’s great to enjoy experience the best without worrying about the low temperature.

3, The high technology wear

Cornwall has a Newquay activity center which is invested and built up as a professional center to organize and serve all watersport competitions. So, it is highly appreciated about technology wear. 

Coming here, you feel you are in a professional place to train for professional athletes. It’s great and exciting to start playing sports effectively.

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Top the best water sports in the beautiful places (Part 2)

In this article, we continue to share top the best destinations to enjoy water sports in the world. 

The fact, there are other millions of places to discover water sport. However, some places are unique to suit only some sports, so it becomes more interesting and beautiful for exploration. 

Don’t hesitate to follow our ranking if you are finding some places for your coming summer trip.

4, Sailing in Capri, Italy

Capri in Italy is well-known as a glamorous island. So it’s famous for luxurious resorts around steep hills or along the beaches. Although it is considered as an expensive destination for high-class lifestyle, it has a perfect option for normal visitors to go sailing around this beautiful island. 

There are some free beaches around its coast for your exploration. Along the coast, there are some dramatic rocks to make natural landscapes for this place. When sailing on a boat, you feel peaceful and comfortable to enjoy nature and views around.

Sure that it makes your trip wonderful and relaxing after pressure of the outside life.

5, Going fish in Hamnoy, Norway

Someone prefers going fish, Hamnoy in Norway is one of your option.

It is an old finish village located in Lofoten island, Norway. Someone describes it is picturesque with the wildness and nature.

Going fish is the best experience should be recommended when visiting here. Visitors will stay in cabins of fishermen, then travel around island. In cabins, they serve enough basic facilities like the Internet, snack.

Besides fishing, it’s great to rent a boat for sailing or a bike to go hiking around the village. Landscapes are peaceful to make a relaxing trip. You improve more knowledge about culture and custom at there. It’s a great for a holiday.

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Top the best water sports in the beautiful places (Part 1)

Water sport always attacks people to discover because it brings new experience under the  water.

There are a wide range of water sport type for your exploring, such as scuba diving, surfing, sailing, waterskiing so on. The fact, per place has unique for per water sport.

In this article, we share some water sports in some beautiful places. You should do it at thesr places to enjoy maximum feeling.

1, Diving in Jellyfish Lake, Eil Malk Island, Palau

Eil Malk Island is well-known with beautiful landscapes. It owns natural and unique landscape so it’s suitable for divers to discover jellyfish under the sea.

It will have an interesting trip to immerse the nature and the sea. Espcially, you should dive in the moring, this is perfect time for jellyfish to migrate in the surface of water to enjoy sunsight, so you are easy to see it naturally.

Don’t worry about stinging, they are friendly and safe to dive around.

2, Waterski in Lake Powell, USA

Lake Powell is the man-made lake in the USA. With length in 300 km, it is considered as the second largest reservoir in this nation.

Located between Utah and Arizone, this lake provides many water actitivies like swimming, diving, skiing, finishing…

It owns impressive long shoreline, so someone chooses to travel on a boat to see the sightseeing. Hiking is another water sport should be recommended at there.

Waterski is the most popular water sport in Lake Powell. 

Besides offerring water sports, they also have other entertainment services to attack more vistors. Estimated every year they welcome 2 million visitors for journey.

3, Surfing in the Aleutian Islands, USA

This is a great destination for someone prefer adventuring.

Around the Aleutian Islands, there are tens of volcanic to make more interesting and dangerous for surfing.

The unspoiled landscape as well the wildlife makes your trips unforgettable feeling.

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