Equipment you should use in scuba diving (Part 2)

As referred in the former article, to join scuba diving, you need to prepare a set of accessory which plays an important role to protect and support you during the diving time under the water.

Although expense of these scuba diving equipment is expensive, you can rent or purchase it for yourself, depending on your budget or purpose.

Now, we will recommend several important equipment you need to own in your diving trip. Don’t ignore it if you want to have a safe trip.

4, Depth gauge, submersible pressure gauge and a compass.

This equipment should be collected together to serve your travel in the sea clearly. The fact that three functions can be combined in one 3-gauge instrument, so you are easy to choose it.

One depth gauge is useful to remind the depth you are diving. If your depth is over normal level, it will ring to warn you. While one submersible pressure gauge helps to show the amount of gas remain in the tank and a compass to navigate your position, even in the low visibility.  

In general, this equipment is expensive, but it can’t miss in your checklist. So, consider whether you should rent it for using one time or not.

5, Tank banger

It is made from hard material so that it can wrap and make outstanding of diver under the water.

This is useful when you want to appeal notices from other divers in emergencies or warn others about dangerous arear or predator.

6, Diving cylinder

This instrument is to provide a big source of oxygen which anyone needs it to dive in a depth. Without diving cylinder, you can’t breathe naturally.

7, Diving footwear

It is the last accessory you need to have a safe diving trip.

It maintains your feet in safety when you overcome any object like jagged rocks, coral or any hard surfaces in reefs.

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