How to play water polo

In this article, we continue to share rules about water polo so that you and your teammates can start this game easily.

According to the previous article, we refer objects of water polo as well equipment and players. When you prepare enough accessory and members of two teams, you will continue to discuss scores, winner and major rules in this water sports.

Thirdly, scoring in water polo

A goal is accepted when it both fully passes the goal post and is under the crossbar.

One player will have the right to possess ball within 30 seconds. During this time, he can move to other teammates or directly throw it to the opposing goal post. After this time, he will transfer ball to any player in the opposing team. Then the shot clock will be reset and start again legally.

Fourthly, winning in water polo

In the official time, which team reaches more scores, they will become winners.

In case two teams finish with draw goals, they will a penalty shootout. This function is to determine the final winner. In this way, there are 5 players from per team to shoot from the 5m line. After 5 times, who has higher scores, they are winners.

However, if two teams continue to draw, the shootout continues in turn to find out the winner. If any player misses the score, the winning will belong the rest.

In general, overtime and shootout usually appear in this game.

Fifthly, major rules in water polo

1, Per team has 13 players in total, including one goalkeeper, 6 players in action and 7 players in preparation to replace at any time.

2, Except two goalkeepers of both teams, all players in the swimming pool don’t allow to use two hands within 5m of their goal. 

They are compulsory to use one hand, or the right or left to handle ball.

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