How to play water polo

Water polo is one of the most favorite water sports for team. This team has a long history, from the Britain then spreading out to other Western nations then all over the world.

In general, it’s dynamic and strong for activities with team requiring a high level of fitness as well good degree of stamina under water. 

With particular characters, this game is exciting to play and watch.

In this article, we instruct rules and regulation how to play water polo well. Following it if you are interested in this game.

Firstly, object of Water polo

As many team sports using a ball, the object of this game is to make more goals to the opponent team’s net. Final point will be determined by total scores to find a winner. 

However, this water sport is different football when per team can reach high scoring, sometimes over 20 goals for each team. Therefore, fans feel interesting to cheer up in water polo.

Secondly, players & equipment of Water polo

Each team has seven players in the pool, including six outfield players and one goalkeeper. If football or hockey has spit specific function and position for per player, total 6 outfield players in this game are flexible at any position they can so that they can make more scores for their team.

Some major positions in per team consists of offensive, defensive, center forward, two wings and one goalkeeper. Depending on strategies of per team, they have arrangement and changes about these positions flexibly. 

About equipment in this game: the fact, this game requires simple equipment like two nets and a ball. Per team has to protect a net so that their opposite team can’t cause any score. Besides it, all players in the pool need to wear a simple swimsuit following uniform of their team. Sometimes, the federation only requires a trunk for per player if they are men. They also should wear swimming caps and goggles to protect their body in safe.

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