How to swim for adults and kids

Swimming is a good water sport in the summer for everyone. It’s great when the weather is so hot then you are immersed in the cool water in the swimming pool or the beach.

To start swimming safety, you need to join swimming course as well prepare tips and techniques before jumping in the water. Whether you have a instructor to follow in swimming process or not, you should know the basic steps to swim.

Following our article because we will share with you simple tips how to swim efficiently for both adults and kids.

2/ How to do butterfly well

In general, butterfly pose is the most difficult stroke to increase your level in higher position. So, it requires complicated skills and knowledge about fly under the water.

To do this pose fluently, you need to take time and coordination then follow step by step detail as following:

1, Floating your face in the surface of water. You adjust body in straight and horizontal shape. Keep your arms and legs straight and long.

2, Forwarding your head up while pushing your hips down. Let it continue this pose like a wave.

3, Where your head goes down, you put arms down and pass further hips. At the same time, you life your head and inhale fastest.

4, Continue to kick and move your body like a wave.

5, Exhaling and inhaling to complete one arm cycle.

You can repeat this pose at least two to three cycles before resting or moving to the next step.

Summary: this pose requires swimmer to have enough power and energy to exhale, inhale as well move in the surface of water longer and longer.

During this step, you should adjust your hips, arms and legs correctly to reach the best body movements.

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