How to swim for adults and kids

Swimming is the most favorite water sport in the summer which is popular with all walks of life. From kids, students or the young, the old, all people are interested to swim in the hot summer.

For beginners, if you are confused about instructions and steps to swim fluently, you should follow our article, we share useful tips about basic pose in swimming. It’s great when you can imagine overall about swimming then take action in the water.

In the last article, we have refereed to 2 poses: breaststroke and butterfly. Now, we continue to share other new poses in swimming.

3/ How to do freestyle well

Freestyle or called with another name as front crawl, it means a flutter kick. This style is an important technique to practice the full stroke. So, all swimmer should follow to arrange all problems in the water.

To do it, you need to do 6 steps:

1st: You will float your face in the water while putting your body straight and horizontal. Keeping your arms and leg longer and longer.

2nd: You move one foot up and another down quickly. Don’t forget to keep ankles and knees comfortably. Then, you start to do the flutter kick.

3rd: Forward your right hand ahead, then pull it down and back. Whereas putting your elbow upward fast.

4th: When your right passes thing, you will rotate hip and shoulder smoothly upper. Then across hand through the water.

5th: You enter your right hand in the water firstly, then repeat step with your left hand.

6th: You continue to repeat within 2-3 times. Also remember to exhale two or three strokes when your hand is over the water. This tips is important to keep energy for the next practice.

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