How to swim for adults and kids

Swimming is the best choice on a hot summer day. It is good to practice your body to strengthen your muscles, heart as well lungs. So, you have a good health against resistance after swimming.

Another point of view, swimming is a compulsory skill you need to know to save your life in urgent cases in water as well to enjoy other water sports safely like kayaking, surfing.

Therefore, how to swim? Following this article, you can receive some instructions to start swimming easily for adults and kids.

Step 1: How to do breaststroke

The breaststroke includes pulling, breathing, kicking and gliding skills. These skills are the first step to start swimming.

Firstly, you need to float with your face in the water while keeping your body straight and horizontal. You should keep your arms and legs longest.

Then, point your thumbs down in a circle. Lift your head and breathe slowly.

The next, move both hands before shoulders, move feet toward butt and bend knees simultaneously.

You continue put arms forward. Then turn back in a circle and keep feet closer together. Put head underwater then breathe.

You glide forward and continue to repeat other circle.

Tips: Breaststroke is the first important to adapt and exhale in underwater normally. Once you follow this step, you are easy to take action higher level.

The mission of breaststroke is to keep balance body and exhale in the water. Practicing exhale skill is necessary, then moving under water becomes possible,

Remember that you should keep both legs straight and behind body. Almost beginners usually put legs below body instead leading to difficulty to move in the water. In addition, you also keep your body in a horizontal shape so that you can save energy and resistance and maintain more power in swimming process.

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