Steps prepared to play water sports in winter (Part 2)

In this article, we continue to share hints to start water sports in the winter safely. The fact, playing water sports in anytime also brings a lot of benefits for health. So, you only take care some tips, then prepare it carefully, you can enjoy any sports in winter without worrying about effect of health.

Let it overcome laziness and turn your winter into the interesting journey with water sports.

From the previous article, we have referred three tips: preparing good clothes, suitable accessories and ready mood. Now, we continue to collect other tips.

4, Check weather conditions in advance

It’s better to check the weather forecast before going outside. Some conditions like temperature, wind chill or moisture can affect to your trip. Therefore, considering whether these factors can match to play your sport or not. It can help you to make plan about a cool-weather workout safely and effectively.

Although you prepare clothes as well accessories, you shouldn’t exercise outdoors in the bad weather conditions. It will impact on your health or be vulnerable some body parts.

For example, your skin will be exposed terribly in the wind levels below 28 C. Once this happens, it causes risks of frostbite.

5, Realize signs of frostbite

The fact, frostbite and hypothermia are the main disease in the cool winter when you are outdoors in a long time. So, you should realize the following signs to have solution immediately.

Frostbite usually happens in the exposed skin such as cheeks, nose, ears, hands or feet. You feel numbness or stinging sensation or loss of feeling at any body part. This symbol can cause getting out of the cold. In this case, you need to warm up the affected area slowly. Once your body temperature is warmer, you feel a little sensation. If not, you need to find emergency care immediately.

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Steps prepared to play water sports in winter (Part 1)

Someone considers that it’s not good when play water sport in the winter because the cool weather can cause harm for health.

Actually, play water sports is useful and also interesting for new experience. As long as you prepare some following instructions carefully, you can enjoy water sports in the winter with series of benefits.

Step 1: Prepare a shield against the cold

Water in the winter is extremely cool, therefore you should prepare proper gear to protect your body in the freezing water, even you can produce more energy for activities underwater through gears.

It’s better to choose a high-quality wetsuit to keep warm well. It should be invested. You can reference from former divers to see which brand or which material suits your demand.

Besides a wetsuit, you also should find a good pair of boots and gloves. It’s necessary to keep warm hands and feet then all body will become warmer.

Furthermore, you can use another a hood to protect your head. It should be recommended to make a perfect shield against the cool winter.

Step 2: Pick the right accessories

Maybe water in the summer and winter is different, so you need to take consideration to choose right accessories and equipment for your game, matching conditions and weather in the winter.

For example, you play surfboard in the winter. Choosing a right board is extremely import because waves in the winter get rougher than usual, so picking a bigger board is better to discover strong winter waves. If choosing a small board, maybe you are in trouble to overcome big waves.

Step 3: Prepare good mood to start

Your body becomes a little sensitive in the cool water, so assure that you feel ready to face with changes. 

Once you have a good mood, you will consider all conditions outsides like temperature, waves to take it easy.

As long as you are full of energy, you can enjoy it comfortably.

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Top 10 worst head coaches in football (Part 3)

Football is a favorited sport at almost nations in the world. It is also considered as an industry to create, earn as well consume so much money.

One of budget for football is employing good head coaches because it’s the first important factor to build up a strong team. Head coaches help their team to create strategies, playstyle or performance to defeat the opponent.

The fact, there are many notorious head coaches who led their team to be worse and worse. It can be their style not matching with footballers then cause loss and failure. 

In this article, we will refer to this aspect- top the worst head coaches in football all the time.

5, Dave Shula in Cincinnati Bengals

Dave Shula is another story about a worse head coach in NFL.

He was a son of the talented coach- God Don Shula who contributed to success of NFL until nowadays. However, his football career was completely different with his father.

He had 5 years to manage Cincinnati Bengals. During this time, the team had 19 wins and 52 losses without any trophy or title. This was the worse record in history of Cincinnati Bengals

By these results, he was voted as one of the worst coaches in the modern era.

After management Cincinnati Bengals, he finished football career and moved to do business for a chain of restarants.

6, Harland Svare

Harland Svare was a former player, then moving to head coach.

In his career, he managed two team: the Rams from 1962 to 1965 and the San Diego Chargers from 1971 to 1973. The fact, his style was indecisive and weak to create special success. He got only 21 wins and 48 losses.

After receiving terrible critics, he decided to resign the head coach in 197 and promised that he had never come back any job to football.

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Top 10 worst head coaches in football

Head coaches play an important role to decide winning or success of one football club. They make strategy and style to build up a strong team then are against other teams.

Normally, we usually listen great coaches to contribute to success for football. But today, we want to change a little. In contrast, we will share top 10 worst head coaches ever in football history. Maybe from his luck or ability, but almost they have not yet succeeded in their team as following.

3/ Gary Andersen (2015-2017)

Gary Andersensigned the contract to Oregon State with millions of dollars in 2015. At this era, all people were surprised when this club invested a big sum of budget to invest a famous head coach.

When he felt not suitable with Oregon State, he decided to cancel the contract. While he knew that he would be punished over $12 million for the left. He stated that salary was not more important than these young men can find a better coach and develop the rest of season with more achievements than he had ever done.

It was a little difficult to explain when Gary was a talented coach but he was unlucky to manage the Oregon State team. As plan, he already was invited to Utah State for the 2019 season after this decision.

4/ Charlie Strong (2014-2016)

During the history of Texas Longhorns, Charlie Strong was listed in the first black coach when he caused bad results for this team.

He was signed contract to become the head coach of Texas from 2014 to 2016.

Before his appearance, Texas was a strong team under management of legend Mack Brown when they won some championships. However, when being leaded by Charlie Strong, Texas Longhorns became badly with series of failure in the 5-7 season.

After this serious result, he was replaced by another coach- Tom Herman.

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How to play water polo

In this article, we continue to share rules about water polo so that you and your teammates can start this game easily.

According to the previous article, we refer objects of water polo as well equipment and players. When you prepare enough accessory and members of two teams, you will continue to discuss scores, winner and major rules in this water sports.

Thirdly, scoring in water polo

A goal is accepted when it both fully passes the goal post and is under the crossbar.

One player will have the right to possess ball within 30 seconds. During this time, he can move to other teammates or directly throw it to the opposing goal post. After this time, he will transfer ball to any player in the opposing team. Then the shot clock will be reset and start again legally.

Fourthly, winning in water polo

In the official time, which team reaches more scores, they will become winners.

In case two teams finish with draw goals, they will a penalty shootout. This function is to determine the final winner. In this way, there are 5 players from per team to shoot from the 5m line. After 5 times, who has higher scores, they are winners.

However, if two teams continue to draw, the shootout continues in turn to find out the winner. If any player misses the score, the winning will belong the rest.

In general, overtime and shootout usually appear in this game.

Fifthly, major rules in water polo

1, Per team has 13 players in total, including one goalkeeper, 6 players in action and 7 players in preparation to replace at any time.

2, Except two goalkeepers of both teams, all players in the swimming pool don’t allow to use two hands within 5m of their goal. 

They are compulsory to use one hand, or the right or left to handle ball.

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How to play water polo

Water polo is one of the most favorite water sports for team. This team has a long history, from the Britain then spreading out to other Western nations then all over the world.

In general, it’s dynamic and strong for activities with team requiring a high level of fitness as well good degree of stamina under water. 

With particular characters, this game is exciting to play and watch.

In this article, we instruct rules and regulation how to play water polo well. Following it if you are interested in this game.

Firstly, object of Water polo

As many team sports using a ball, the object of this game is to make more goals to the opponent team’s net. Final point will be determined by total scores to find a winner. 

However, this water sport is different football when per team can reach high scoring, sometimes over 20 goals for each team. Therefore, fans feel interesting to cheer up in water polo.

Secondly, players & equipment of Water polo

Each team has seven players in the pool, including six outfield players and one goalkeeper. If football or hockey has spit specific function and position for per player, total 6 outfield players in this game are flexible at any position they can so that they can make more scores for their team.

Some major positions in per team consists of offensive, defensive, center forward, two wings and one goalkeeper. Depending on strategies of per team, they have arrangement and changes about these positions flexibly. 

About equipment in this game: the fact, this game requires simple equipment like two nets and a ball. Per team has to protect a net so that their opposite team can’t cause any score. Besides it, all players in the pool need to wear a simple swimsuit following uniform of their team. Sometimes, the federation only requires a trunk for per player if they are men. They also should wear swimming caps and goggles to protect their body in safe.

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Tips to play open water sports in the winter

Someone becomes lazy and scared with open water sports because they consider the cool water and the cool weather can affect badly to health. However, the open water sports in the winter can still bring a lot of benefits for health and mental when you know the rule to enjoy it and protect your body professionally.

If you feel confused about playing in the winter, following our article to reference some tips so that you can enjoy open water sports in the winter safely and efficiently.

In the previous article, we refer two tips, including wearing the proper gear and keeping your temperature stably. Now, let’s discuss other tips.

3/ See the weather forecast before travel

You should pay attention to the weather forecast before you go out. It’s better to join the travel when the conditions are right. It means no storms, heavy rain or the over temperature outsides.

Although you can’t adjust the weather condition as your needs, you can chance your timetable to match the good outside condition. It’s better to take several extra cautions.

4/ Warm up your body before action

When coming the place to join open water sport, you should take some exercises to warm up your body firstly. As your mind, your parts in body look sleepy and lazy in the winter when you lack outdoor activities usually. Therefore, you need to wake up by some basic exercises. When your spirit and body parts feel ready, you can start the sports conveniently.

Furthermore, warming up your body is a good way to avoid accidents or injuries in the practice process. The expert advises that players need to take the active movements before playing official games to reduce damages for body parts.

Another benefit, when you warm up, your body will become hotter. It can adapt the cool temperature easily.

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Tips to play open water sports in the winter

Someone like playing open water sports in both summer and winter. If the summer is the good idea to immerse the cool water among the hot weather, someone worry their health when playing open water sports in the winter.

However, there are a wide range of benefits when playing it in the winter. To take care your health better, following our article to improve tips. It’s useful to play open water sport in the winter in safe ways.

1/ Wearing the right gear

It means you should use proper gear with the weather

In the summer, your accessories to start water sports seems simple, even nothing needs preparing. However, you should prepare mitts, a skull cap, booties, gloves or helmet to play it in the winter.

It’s better that your body temperature is not being shocked with the water temperature then you can enjoy water sport without worrying anything.

2/ Keep your temperature stably

As recommended above, you should wear proper gear when going to the water. However, you shouldn’t wear too much clothes. It makes your body uncomfortable to move, even leading some dangers being out of your control.

There are some ways to maintain your temperature stably in the cool water. For example, you drink a cup of cool drink and warm up your body before jumping the water. It’s better to wake up your body warmly. When it feels your hot temperature, this time’s enough to start water sports.

Furthermore, you use some tips to keep warm when finishing exercise in the water. Instead of taking a warm shower immediately, you should come in a warm room to change the wet gear, drink a warm water. When your temperature is recovered, you should get a hot shower later.

All tips to keep your temperature stably without shocking with the cool or the hot water.

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Top water sport for losing weight

Playing water sport is a good way to lose weight efficiently because your resistance in water consume a lot of calories. However, which sport can burn the maximum calories? If you are confusing about question, you can follow our ranking about top water sports for losing weight usefully.

The truth that rate of calories burned will be changed and adjusted accordingly depending on demand and ability of practice of each person. So, the number of calories we refer in the following is estimated and counted by using average. 

7/ Windsurfing

Windsurfing is not a new game about water sport. Actually, it is a new version of surfing, but has created with a board to make novelty and interest.

Estimated that one hour you can burn up to 1,000 calories.                     

In windsurfing, you use muscles of upper legs, hips and lower legs which connect to keep balance your weight on the board. It’s a good choice to practice and warm up all muscles and core effectively.

This sport will define for you about a perfect body in the beach.

If you are a new windsurfer, don’t worry about result. Only following instructions to start this game carefully. Then you use muscles to arrange board. As a good result, your effort will be response positively from 300 to 1000 calories per hour.

8/ Waterskiing

Waterskiing also calls with another name as wakeboarding. Estimated that one hour can consume up to 500 calories. Especially someone wants to focus the upper body from stomach.

Overall waterskiing will connect your back, core, leg muscles and abdominal to make a perfect exercise for your upper body. It pulls parts from stomach positively. So, you feel comfortable and a little tired when doing it.

Furthermore, actions of waterskiing also push your lower body active because your legs and cores need engaging throughout the ride. Therefore, it makes a perfect workout for the whole-body.

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Top water sport for losing weight

Water sport is one of the most favorite hobby in the summer. It’s amazing to immerse the cool water in the hot weather. Besides it, water sport brings a lot of benefit for someone need to lose weight.

If you are caring about doing water sport to burn more calories, you should follow our article. We share top the greatest water sports for losing weight efficiently.

4/ Surfing

 Estimated that you can burn up to 250 calories per hour for surfing. It’s special that surfing requires a full-body workout when using your shoulders, back muscles to handle and overcome strong waves in the beach.

Even experienced surfers, they can burn more energy because they will perform and handle more big waves, they connect more body parts to overcome it. It means they will consume more calories.

5/ Kitesurfing

Do you surprise when player can burn about 1,000 calories per hour in kitesurfing. Consuming calories rate is higher calories rate of swimming.

As proved, kitesurfing is an intense workout when players need to combine upper body, arm, core muscles as well lower back and leg muscles. Almost body parts should be used and connected to make a full workout of kitesurfing.

Furthermore, you have to use your energy to prevent wind speed. Therefore, the stronger the wind is, the more calories players can consume.

In general, the women is less efficiently to play this water sport than man because their ability to handle with the wind is weaker.

6/ Sailing

If kitesurfing and surfing require complicated skills, you can replace another simple sport but still can burn up to 315 calories per hour. It’s sailing.

In sailing, you are relaxing to chill on the deck and control the boat by using your shoulder, back muscles, arm muscles, chest, core and legs to start this sailing.

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