Tips to play open water sports in the winter

Someone becomes lazy and scared with open water sports because they consider the cool water and the cool weather can affect badly to health. However, the open water sports in the winter can still bring a lot of benefits for health and mental when you know the rule to enjoy it and protect your body professionally.

If you feel confused about playing in the winter, following our article to reference some tips so that you can enjoy open water sports in the winter safely and efficiently.

In the previous article, we refer two tips, including wearing the proper gear and keeping your temperature stably. Now, let’s discuss other tips.

3/ See the weather forecast before travel

You should pay attention to the weather forecast before you go out. It’s better to join the travel when the conditions are right. It means no storms, heavy rain or the over temperature outsides.

Although you can’t adjust the weather condition as your needs, you can chance your timetable to match the good outside condition. It’s better to take several extra cautions.

4/ Warm up your body before action

When coming the place to join open water sport, you should take some exercises to warm up your body firstly. As your mind, your parts in body look sleepy and lazy in the winter when you lack outdoor activities usually. Therefore, you need to wake up by some basic exercises. When your spirit and body parts feel ready, you can start the sports conveniently.

Furthermore, warming up your body is a good way to avoid accidents or injuries in the practice process. The expert advises that players need to take the active movements before playing official games to reduce damages for body parts.

Another benefit, when you warm up, your body will become hotter. It can adapt the cool temperature easily.

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Tips to play open water sports in the winter

Someone like playing open water sports in both summer and winter. If the summer is the good idea to immerse the cool water among the hot weather, someone worry their health when playing open water sports in the winter.

However, there are a wide range of benefits when playing it in the winter. To take care your health better, following our article to improve tips. It’s useful to play open water sport in the winter in safe ways.

1/ Wearing the right gear

It means you should use proper gear with the weather

In the summer, your accessories to start water sports seems simple, even nothing needs preparing. However, you should prepare mitts, a skull cap, booties, gloves or helmet to play it in the winter.

It’s better that your body temperature is not being shocked with the water temperature then you can enjoy water sport without worrying anything.

2/ Keep your temperature stably

As recommended above, you should wear proper gear when going to the water. However, you shouldn’t wear too much clothes. It makes your body uncomfortable to move, even leading some dangers being out of your control.

There are some ways to maintain your temperature stably in the cool water. For example, you drink a cup of cool drink and warm up your body before jumping the water. It’s better to wake up your body warmly. When it feels your hot temperature, this time’s enough to start water sports.

Furthermore, you use some tips to keep warm when finishing exercise in the water. Instead of taking a warm shower immediately, you should come in a warm room to change the wet gear, drink a warm water. When your temperature is recovered, you should get a hot shower later.

All tips to keep your temperature stably without shocking with the cool or the hot water.

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Top water sport for losing weight

Playing water sport is a good way to lose weight efficiently because your resistance in water consume a lot of calories. However, which sport can burn the maximum calories? If you are confusing about question, you can follow our ranking about top water sports for losing weight usefully.

The truth that rate of calories burned will be changed and adjusted accordingly depending on demand and ability of practice of each person. So, the number of calories we refer in the following is estimated and counted by using average. 

7/ Windsurfing

Windsurfing is not a new game about water sport. Actually, it is a new version of surfing, but has created with a board to make novelty and interest.

Estimated that one hour you can burn up to 1,000 calories.                     

In windsurfing, you use muscles of upper legs, hips and lower legs which connect to keep balance your weight on the board. It’s a good choice to practice and warm up all muscles and core effectively.

This sport will define for you about a perfect body in the beach.

If you are a new windsurfer, don’t worry about result. Only following instructions to start this game carefully. Then you use muscles to arrange board. As a good result, your effort will be response positively from 300 to 1000 calories per hour.

8/ Waterskiing

Waterskiing also calls with another name as wakeboarding. Estimated that one hour can consume up to 500 calories. Especially someone wants to focus the upper body from stomach.

Overall waterskiing will connect your back, core, leg muscles and abdominal to make a perfect exercise for your upper body. It pulls parts from stomach positively. So, you feel comfortable and a little tired when doing it.

Furthermore, actions of waterskiing also push your lower body active because your legs and cores need engaging throughout the ride. Therefore, it makes a perfect workout for the whole-body.

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Top water sport for losing weight

Water sport is one of the most favorite hobby in the summer. It’s amazing to immerse the cool water in the hot weather. Besides it, water sport brings a lot of benefit for someone need to lose weight.

If you are caring about doing water sport to burn more calories, you should follow our article. We share top the greatest water sports for losing weight efficiently.

4/ Surfing

 Estimated that you can burn up to 250 calories per hour for surfing. It’s special that surfing requires a full-body workout when using your shoulders, back muscles to handle and overcome strong waves in the beach.

Even experienced surfers, they can burn more energy because they will perform and handle more big waves, they connect more body parts to overcome it. It means they will consume more calories.

5/ Kitesurfing

Do you surprise when player can burn about 1,000 calories per hour in kitesurfing. Consuming calories rate is higher calories rate of swimming.

As proved, kitesurfing is an intense workout when players need to combine upper body, arm, core muscles as well lower back and leg muscles. Almost body parts should be used and connected to make a full workout of kitesurfing.

Furthermore, you have to use your energy to prevent wind speed. Therefore, the stronger the wind is, the more calories players can consume.

In general, the women is less efficiently to play this water sport than man because their ability to handle with the wind is weaker.

6/ Sailing

If kitesurfing and surfing require complicated skills, you can replace another simple sport but still can burn up to 315 calories per hour. It’s sailing.

In sailing, you are relaxing to chill on the deck and control the boat by using your shoulder, back muscles, arm muscles, chest, core and legs to start this sailing.

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Top water sport for losing weight

Water sport is one of the most popular activities in the summer. All the sunshine and heat from the summer make more interesting and relaxing when coming into the water.

Whether it’s swimming in the pool, surfing in the water or diving in under the marine, there are plenty of ways to enjoy and discover water sports. 

Besides benefits for health, water sports are great to lose weight. It can burn a lot of calories whereas you practice without making pressure or difficulties. 

In this article, we share top water sports you should follow if you tend to lose weight fast.

1/ Rowing

Rowing is a great exercise for losing weight. Estimated that one hour in stationary rower can burn 680 calories. 

You should do this sport with a team. Depending your number of a group, you can choose size of the boat properly.

It looks a crew with working every muscle on the body from the heat to arm, leg continuously.  So, it can burn a ton of calories easily but don’t make worrying or stressing. Following these steps in rowing, you will burn calories simply.

2/ Swimming

Swimming is too familiar with loser. It should be recommended in any case for them. Because this sport is easy to follow at swimming pool, river, lake or the marine where there are a lot of water.

In one hour for swimming, a normal person can burn about 480 calories. This sport is good to practice your muscles as well improve cardio endurance and stability. Besides, swimming brings other benefits for health.

3/ Stand-up paddle boarding

Someone finds to new experience, you can choose stand-up paddle boarding. 

This sport is useful to burn 450 calories in one hour when you need to combine your chest, shoulders and arms at the same time. It’s good to practice every joints in body across the water.

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Healthy benefits of scuba diving

Scuba diving is a favorite water sport of many people in the modern life. Any the summer or winter, people are also interested in this sport. It brings a lot of funny experience when discovering new life in the marine.

In addition, scuba diving also provides list of healthy benefits. Why people can refuse a game with many advantages like scuba diving.

If you still hesitate on trying it, following our article to see clearly about benefits for health of scuba diving.

4/ Maintain fitness levels efficiently

Before joining this sport, you need to practice swimming and fitness skill well so that you have enough power and ability to dive in the water by yourself.

Normally, divers will join some courses about training skills at risk or solution against the current water within a short time. It impacts directly to fitness level efficiently.

When diving, all body are immersed in the water. Before the movement of current waters, you need to use more energy and power to be against. So, it can help you to maintain fitness level higher.

5/ Great environment to refresh your body

As usual, people will choose warmer climates to enjoy this sport. It’s natural that some places have warmer climates and also give beautiful landscapes in the marine. Therefore, it is good choices for holiday adventure.

Besides it, the warmer climates also are useful to refresh and take care your body, mind and soul. It looks like your all body parts are massage naturally.

6/ Receive healing effects of the salt water

Salt water has many healing effects such as it can heal open injuries fast. It pushes your mind happier and comfortably.

Furthermore, people tend to drink more water after diving. it is a good habit to replenish cells inside body.

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Healthy benefits of scuba diving

In the hot summer, it’s great to immerse the cold water in the marine. One of the most water sports is popular with many people like scuba diving.

When you join this game, you can explore beauty and life in the marine by your naked eye. It looks amazing and exciting for some adventurous divers.

Beside it, scuba diving can bring a lot of benefits for health. To make clear it, you should follow our analysis.

1/ Gaining power and flexibility

When you dive in the deeper water, then leading to the resistance of the water current, your muscles ten to work harder than you are out the water. So, you must work and consume more calories. This process helps your muscles length and strength.

As a good result, it impacts effectively to build strength and develop flexibility well. The score strength is extremely important to improve overall posture well in a daily life.

2/ Breathing

To breathe in diving, you need to know breathing slowly and deeply which are necessary to maintain and optimize your exhale- inhale process.

Because of the rule, you practice breathing slowly under water which leads to decreasing the heart rate and promoting calm in mind.

Furthermore, keeping steady breath is also useful to reduce risk of a lung-expansion injuries as well some existing diseases like asthma.

 3/ Reduce the blood pressure

When you are steady into the water, you feel your body temperature is higher than yourselves in water.

At the first moment, your blood vessels tend to constrict to protect your internal organs. Then, your body temperature will be steadier and steadier in the temperature of water, so your heart rate and blood pressure will be reduced. This technique is useful to reduce blood pressure lower and better as well help you to calm down throughout diving and other things in life.

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How to swim for adults and kids

Swimming is the most favorite water sport in the summer which is popular with all walks of life. From kids, students or the young, the old, all people are interested to swim in the hot summer.

For beginners, if you are confused about instructions and steps to swim fluently, you should follow our article, we share useful tips about basic pose in swimming. It’s great when you can imagine overall about swimming then take action in the water.

In the last article, we have refereed to 2 poses: breaststroke and butterfly. Now, we continue to share other new poses in swimming.

3/ How to do freestyle well

Freestyle or called with another name as front crawl, it means a flutter kick. This style is an important technique to practice the full stroke. So, all swimmer should follow to arrange all problems in the water.

To do it, you need to do 6 steps:

1st: You will float your face in the water while putting your body straight and horizontal. Keeping your arms and leg longer and longer.

2nd: You move one foot up and another down quickly. Don’t forget to keep ankles and knees comfortably. Then, you start to do the flutter kick.

3rd: Forward your right hand ahead, then pull it down and back. Whereas putting your elbow upward fast.

4th: When your right passes thing, you will rotate hip and shoulder smoothly upper. Then across hand through the water.

5th: You enter your right hand in the water firstly, then repeat step with your left hand.

6th: You continue to repeat within 2-3 times. Also remember to exhale two or three strokes when your hand is over the water. This tips is important to keep energy for the next practice.

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How to swim for adults and kids

Swimming is a good water sport in the summer for everyone. It’s great when the weather is so hot then you are immersed in the cool water in the swimming pool or the beach.

To start swimming safety, you need to join swimming course as well prepare tips and techniques before jumping in the water. Whether you have a instructor to follow in swimming process or not, you should know the basic steps to swim.

Following our article because we will share with you simple tips how to swim efficiently for both adults and kids.

2/ How to do butterfly well

In general, butterfly pose is the most difficult stroke to increase your level in higher position. So, it requires complicated skills and knowledge about fly under the water.

To do this pose fluently, you need to take time and coordination then follow step by step detail as following:

1, Floating your face in the surface of water. You adjust body in straight and horizontal shape. Keep your arms and legs straight and long.

2, Forwarding your head up while pushing your hips down. Let it continue this pose like a wave.

3, Where your head goes down, you put arms down and pass further hips. At the same time, you life your head and inhale fastest.

4, Continue to kick and move your body like a wave.

5, Exhaling and inhaling to complete one arm cycle.

You can repeat this pose at least two to three cycles before resting or moving to the next step.

Summary: this pose requires swimmer to have enough power and energy to exhale, inhale as well move in the surface of water longer and longer.

During this step, you should adjust your hips, arms and legs correctly to reach the best body movements.

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How to swim for adults and kids

Swimming is the best choice on a hot summer day. It is good to practice your body to strengthen your muscles, heart as well lungs. So, you have a good health against resistance after swimming.

Another point of view, swimming is a compulsory skill you need to know to save your life in urgent cases in water as well to enjoy other water sports safely like kayaking, surfing.

Therefore, how to swim? Following this article, you can receive some instructions to start swimming easily for adults and kids.

Step 1: How to do breaststroke

The breaststroke includes pulling, breathing, kicking and gliding skills. These skills are the first step to start swimming.

Firstly, you need to float with your face in the water while keeping your body straight and horizontal. You should keep your arms and legs longest.

Then, point your thumbs down in a circle. Lift your head and breathe slowly.

The next, move both hands before shoulders, move feet toward butt and bend knees simultaneously.

You continue put arms forward. Then turn back in a circle and keep feet closer together. Put head underwater then breathe.

You glide forward and continue to repeat other circle.

Tips: Breaststroke is the first important to adapt and exhale in underwater normally. Once you follow this step, you are easy to take action higher level.

The mission of breaststroke is to keep balance body and exhale in the water. Practicing exhale skill is necessary, then moving under water becomes possible,

Remember that you should keep both legs straight and behind body. Almost beginners usually put legs below body instead leading to difficulty to move in the water. In addition, you also keep your body in a horizontal shape so that you can save energy and resistance and maintain more power in swimming process.

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