Top greatest benefits of swimming

Swimming is one of the most favorite water sport which is convenient for all walk of life because you can swim in the swimming pool or lakes, rivers and even the sea. Anywhere has enough water to strength your muscles.

If you feel not much mood to swim. In this article, we continue to share top greatest benefits when you swim, it is sure to wake up your mind and take action to enjoy this water sport.

7/ Improve your sleep better

Another mental benefit from swimming. It has the power to improve your sleep better. The result is based many studies to compare participants in swimming and not. They point out the number of people has a good night when they swim regularly in week.

The fact that people, especially the older with insomnia feel tired in the whole day. But it can be improved when you swim. Once you reach a good sleep, you feel more energy to enjoy a new day, then it helps to boost quality of life.

8/ Boost your mood better

In swimming, you burn amount of calorie naturally. Then it leads your body stronger and more durable. It means you have good mood to do anything in life.

Some experts also point out that swimming or any sport also contributes to create positive energy and patient though to face up with any trouble.

For someone with dementia, swimming is beneficial to practice their mind better and effectively. It is a psychological benefit for these patients.

9/ Control stress better

According to researches, people with mildly depressed or extremely stress have fast breathing. It is the main reason leading to losing patience before problems. But after swimming, this situation is decreased dramatically.

Swimming helps to keep breath slowly and regularly. So, it’s a good way to manage stress.

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Top greatest benefits of swimming

Swimming is always the best choice for watersport in the summer. It brings good benefits for players, anyway you are a pro swimmer or only a new beginner.

If you want to know which benefits are from swimming, you can follow this article. We continue to share top greatest benefits when you play swimming. Also remember that these benefits are a major part in front of huge advantages of swimming.

4/ Good for someone in asthma

If someone has problem with asthma, they are in trouble to have good breath. However, they can improve the bad status by swimming. According to study, the humid environment in water is good for breathing slowly and slightly.

In addition, practicing swimming in the water long, it helps to expand larger lung capacity. It means that breathe can be controlled as brain.

However someone in asthma should find a salt water pool, instead of chlorine to bring good effects for this issue.

5/ Good for someone in multiple sclerosis (MS)

We also find swimming beneficial for someone in MS. Water is the environment which body will interact and be close during swimming process.

One swimming, water can support to wake up the limbs buoyant as well increase resistance. After swimming within 20 week, people feel clearly improvements about fatigue, depression and disability. It’s better that someone in MS should find more detail about water therapy.

6/ Burning calories effectively

Someone needs to lose weight can find swimming as an efficient way.

Estimated that a person can burn at least 423 calories in hour for swimming. People with more energy and power, can burn more calories.

Compared with other sports, swimming bring good benefit for burning a high rate of calories. Furthermore, you feel burning calories in swimming is normal and comfortable, not like losing weight in gym or yoga.

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Top greatest benefits of swimming

Swimming is a popular water sports for everyone. Estimated that you should get 150 minute in moderate activity with swimming, then it provides a wide range of benefit for the whole body and cardiovascular system.

In this article, we share top greatest benefits from swimming. Following it and you become more willing to enjoy this water sport in the summer.

1/ Good for your whole body

In swimming, you can practice almost parts on entire body, from head to toe. The truth that it is an exercise for the whole body.

For example, swimming increases your heart rate when you breathe up and down many times in water, your tone and muscles build stronger and more endurable because arm, shoulder and leg move fluently in the high pressure of water.

Swimming can spread the entire body with different muscle group. It doesn’t focus on fixed part so you feel very comfortable when swimming. It’s a good workout everyday.

2/ Good for your insides

Swimming is not only good for overall workout, but also improves your cardiovascular system better. It contributes to your heart and lungs more durable by some amazing effects.

Even, many researchers point that swimming can reduce your risk of sudden death. Compared with other don’t swim, swimmers have reduced half the rink of death.

Another example, swimming contributes to reduce your blood pressure as well control your blood sugar stably.

3/ Good for people with injuries

If someone is in arthritis, injury, disability or other conditions, swimming can be a good exercise to practice and heal it safely.

Doctors recommend you can swim to reduce your pain or recovery from an injury faster and safer.

Some researches show that people with osteoarthritis can reduce significantly joint pain and stiffness.

As consequence of salt water in swimming pool or ocean, it is good to heal your injuries or reduce pain inside your body.

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The reasons why you should try open water sports

The summer is really hot and sunny. This weather can make you crazy and tired. But you can change this bad situation by joining open water sport.

When you immerse the cold water, every trouble or bad news will disappear in your mind. Then your mind will be refreshed and renewed energy wonderfully.

In this article, we share top the reasons why you should try to play open water sports in the summer.

5/ Increase positive energy

Once you feel tired or stressed, you should jump into a water sport you can. It’s urgent to wake up your mind from angry and crazy.

As studies point out that open water sport can wake up your nerve and heart again, then all emotion will be improved better. As a consequence, you receive positive energy naturally.

6/ Support to lose weight

As benefit of other sports, open water sport can help you weight loss, even its effect is extremely high.

Explained that when your body is immersed in cold water, it needs more heat energy to warm up you to keep warm. It means you need to work out more to produce more energy, answer responses back to your body.

Estimated that you can burn more 200 calories per hour compared other sports when you are in open water pool.

7/ Reduce pain

You know cold water immersion is a method to reduce pain for all players when they are in injury. Because the cold water can help you to balance the nervous system and overall circulation.

So, joining open water sport is a familiar way to get the same desired effect. Even it can bring more effect to your pain when it is covered in big area. It’s a good solution for athlete.

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The reasons why you should try open water sports

Open water sports are always the best choice in the summer. There are a wide range of water sports for your recommendations such as swimming, diving, surfing so on.

Even, in the winter, many people love open water sports. They feel amazing when enjoying the cool water.

In this article, we share top reasons why you should try open water sports at least one time in your trip.

1/ You can discover open space

Among the sea, you don’t see any pool walls or lances, so you feel it’s great to open your practice with your space and at your own pace. You don’t need to care about barrier or the lane rage. All is open for your game.

Thanks this view, your achievement can be improved better with great sense.

2/ You can expand your social relationship

Besides benefits about health, you can have opportunity to make new friends with the same hobby. Assure that talking with your social friends makes more comfortable and friendly.

It’s wonderful when a lot of people of open water sports get together at one place and share their regular favorite in cold dip. It can reduce stress and pressure for your mind after working.

3/ You can enjoy with the nature

Practicing open water sports is a good opportunity to harmonize with the nature. In the modern life, you have to stay at office during day. So you should spend a little time to breathe the fresh air outside by playing it. It can help your mind relaxing and peaceful.

4/ Challenges for your physical and mental exercise

Open water sports means that your body should adapt the cold temperatures of open water. It is considered as an useful test to practice both your physical and mental.

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Safety tips when you play water sports

To enjoy water sports, you need to control accidents or risks happen during game. Besides it, you also should prepare solutions to reduce dangers.

In this article, we continue to share top safety tips to play water sports safely. If you tend to try one water sport in the coming summer, you should real all our tips. It’s better to have a memorial vacations with sports.

4/ Skin care carefully

Coming to the sea, almost people want to show sexy body in the swimsuits. It’s great when you look fierce. But don’t forget to take care your skin to avoid risk for shin caner.

You should use sunscreen or sun-protective clothes if you are in the sun for swimming. It can reduce risk for sun-burned. Besides it, you shouldn’t go to the outsides in high sunny from 10am to 4pm. This time is extremely dangerous to be burned.

5/ You shouldn’t go alone

It’s better that you offer one partner to play water sport. It has some benefits.

Firstly, if you don’t know about this water sport and need to register a course. Your partner makes more willing and patient to follow all concepts of the course.

Secondly, partner and you can play together. If any problem happens, he can support you or call some professions to save you in urgent.

6/ Know the rules of sport

Because you are an amateur player, you are easy to fall in a meditative feeling when exploring the blue sea. Please don’t forget to comply the rules of road. It’s safer for you and others who also have activities in the sea.

You should wear bright colorful clothes, a whistle and bring some reflective banners on your paddles. It helps others realize your vessel and also take care during their travel.

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Safety tips when you play water sports

People are interesting in water sports, especially in the summer. They feel comfortable and amazing when immersing with cool water and a little sunshine. In addition, some water sport also are favorite in both winter and summer like swimming, scuba diving.

How to join watersport happily and safely, you should follow tips in the followings.

1/ Sure that you can swim

It’s incredible that there are on average 10 people die from drowning every day. It is a bad number for us. Some people go to the beach and swim with float, so they don’t worry about drowning. But this though is completely wrong.

Ability of swimming is necessary to join any water sport. Even you join kayak or canoe, you still should swim to protect yourself when some accidents happen unpredicted.

Furthermore, swimming has benefits for health and mental, so why you don’t take swimming course. It’s good when you are confident that you can save yourself as well others in emergencies cases.

2/ Using a life jacket when you go to the sea.

Maybe the life jacket or floating device are not comfortable and sexy for your trip, you still should use to save you effectively when accidents happen.

By advances in technology, some devices are highly useful to ring warnings to others about your lives. It can make big sounds to mark your position or your risk. It is a useful device for every watersport.

3/ Checking the weather and sea condition before trips

The weather and sea condition can affect directly to success of watersport at the sea. So, you should check it carefully to assure that you don’t waste time to travel to the sea.

Even on beautiful days, the weather in ocean can be changed quickly. You should take care wind, fog as well dangerous rip currents.

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Top water sports you should try!

Water sports always bring positive thinking for players because it has health benefits as well fitness. Especially, you should try water sports in summer when you have a long vacation. It’s useful to practice your health better and connect other social relationships.

In this article, we continue to share top water sports which you should enjoy it in summer. Following it if you expect a wonderful summer in the near future.

In the previous article, we refer cliff jumping and cave diving. Now we discuss the next three water sports, including: white water rafting, surfing and kayaking.

3/ White water rafting

This sport is also named after river rafting. Actually, this sport is funny and exciting when you can connect with other teammate to move the ship on water fluently. Some competitions can be organized to compete which team runs faster.

However, this sport still exists some dangers while water rafting such as drowning.

4/ Surfing

This water sport is an individual sport when you use one board to slide over waves in the ocean. It is amazing to join it in the hot summer.

This sport also only requires basic skills. You only follow basic instructions then can take action by yourself.

As other water sports, surfing can cause accidents from rip currents from flows level of waves.

5/ Kayaking

Another option for a team activity. Kayaking is the best choice for teambuilding outside activity. This sport gives a little fun and calm to handle a ship for moving in water by padding. Actually, it is not easy because it requires much power to use padding effectively. Therefore, you should improve knowledge in calm water.

Although kayaking is one of the safest water sports, it can still cause some accidents if the ship is capsized. You should take care it.

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Top water sports you should try!

Water sports brings amazing emotion for players because it’s not easy to find a proper beach to join water sports. Almost people feel are interesting in playing water sports, especially in the summer vacation.

In this article, we will discuss top must-try water sport as recommendations for your coming summer. Don’t hesitate to enjoy it if you are creating a wonderful summer.


This water sport is particular for someone loving adventurous and challenging. This means that you jump off a cliff into water in the sea without safety hooks or belts. After your cliff jumping, you are dropping to the bottom of the sea.

This sport is well-known as the most dangerous and risky water sport when many young players lost their lives or made serious injuries while jumping off the cliff.

The fact that it becomes more dangerous when player doesn’t know exact the height or depth of water while he only takes action one time.

However, you can join it safety by doing research about height of jumping, character in the water as well using some protection equipment.


Cave diving is also called as scuba diving which you can explore chambers and caverns under the sea. This is surreal experience to discover beauties of the nature in the depth.

To join this sport, it requires you to understand and overcome diving skills. It means you have to pass certificates as a real diver although you can ask a professional guide to support you during the diving trip. Requirements seem to test whether you can save your life by yourself when some accidents can happen in the sea or not.

For a sea sport lover, these requirements to join cave diving is simple when their passion can resist. You can enjoy value and life in the sea by your naked eyes. Sure that it is a memorial event in your life.

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