Safety tips in water sports (Part 1)

Almost people are interested in doing activities in the water especially in the hot summer. It brings new feeling as well refresh our mood better. 

Besides it, according to researches, playing water sports bring series of benefits for health, mental and spirit. So, it should be encouraged at all nations.

To play water sports effectively, we share several safety tips as followings:

1, Never swimming alone

This is compulsory rule in swimming.

It’s better you ask your friends or siblings to go with together. If you are under 18 years old, you should be accompanied by parents or the older. It’s safe to help in some emergencies if something happens wrongly. No one can imagine risk or danger under the water.

In case you prefer to swim alone, you should inform your status for lifeguard in the pool or ocean. They are responsible to take care you more, then they can advise their help if you need. 

2, Always supervise children

When going the swimming pool, parent usually let their children swim freely in the water, under controlling of lifeguard. Then they go to the swimming of adult and relax.

Although lifeguard will take care of your baby, there is some mistakes happen being out of control of lifeguard. As a consequence, your children can be in danger.

So it is better to stay close and keep eyes to them all the times in the water. It’s the best way to protect them in safety situations.

3, Don’t breathe in a long time

Someone tries to breathe longer and longer in swimming. They think it’s good to maintain the game. However, it’s wrong thinking.

It is easy to lead risk of passing out in the underwater or drowning or other risks. This action is not encouraged for both professional and normal swimmers.

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