Steps prepared to play water sports in winter (Part 2)

In this article, we continue to share hints to start water sports in the winter safely. The fact, playing water sports in anytime also brings a lot of benefits for health. So, you only take care some tips, then prepare it carefully, you can enjoy any sports in winter without worrying about effect of health.

Let it overcome laziness and turn your winter into the interesting journey with water sports.

From the previous article, we have referred three tips: preparing good clothes, suitable accessories and ready mood. Now, we continue to collect other tips.

4, Check weather conditions in advance

It’s better to check the weather forecast before going outside. Some conditions like temperature, wind chill or moisture can affect to your trip. Therefore, considering whether these factors can match to play your sport or not. It can help you to make plan about a cool-weather workout safely and effectively.

Although you prepare clothes as well accessories, you shouldn’t exercise outdoors in the bad weather conditions. It will impact on your health or be vulnerable some body parts.

For example, your skin will be exposed terribly in the wind levels below 28 C. Once this happens, it causes risks of frostbite.

5, Realize signs of frostbite

The fact, frostbite and hypothermia are the main disease in the cool winter when you are outdoors in a long time. So, you should realize the following signs to have solution immediately.

Frostbite usually happens in the exposed skin such as cheeks, nose, ears, hands or feet. You feel numbness or stinging sensation or loss of feeling at any body part. This symbol can cause getting out of the cold. In this case, you need to warm up the affected area slowly. Once your body temperature is warmer, you feel a little sensation. If not, you need to find emergency care immediately.

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