The best adventure water sports you try in India (Part 2)

Here we continue to share top water sports you should play when visiting to India. 

As referred from the former article, India is an interesting nation to discover natural beauties. So, this is one great option when you prefer to travel to some new places.

In the previous article, we recommend some places to enjoy White water rafting. Now, we continue to share other water sports.

2, Kayaking

Doing kayaking, it’s a good choice to discover the Indian water life.

When kayaking, you can feel clearly comfort and nature of landscapes around off shore island and travel.

We recommend some destinations for Kayaking in India as followings:

Brahmaputra River in Arunachal Pradesh: this is an adventurous destination for someone loving the height. Kayaking at here brings a lot of amazing feeling and ultimate balm. The best time to experience is from Nov to Mar when the water rate is high and has more waves.

Subansiri kayaking in Arunachal Pradesh: The beckoning water seems so-wild and strong, so you feel exciting when kayaking at here. The best ideal to kayaking is in the winter. The nature is pure and peaceful to discover everything around the river.

Rishikesh: It is another kayaking track bringing challenge and experience for beginners. You can face up with some obstacles from the water or somethings in tracks which prevents from your speed. Try the best to go sightseeing all landscapes around years. The best time to kayaking is from October to April. 

3, Sailing

Sailing on the sea through board is great emotion when people can explore beauty of the sea by your own. Furthermore, you also sit or lie and relax when sailing on it.

The natural beauty of the west coast will open your eyes about landscapes on the sea.

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