Tips to play open water sports in the winter

Someone like playing open water sports in both summer and winter. If the summer is the good idea to immerse the cool water among the hot weather, someone worry their health when playing open water sports in the winter.

However, there are a wide range of benefits when playing it in the winter. To take care your health better, following our article to improve tips. It’s useful to play open water sport in the winter in safe ways.

1/ Wearing the right gear

It means you should use proper gear with the weather

In the summer, your accessories to start water sports seems simple, even nothing needs preparing. However, you should prepare mitts, a skull cap, booties, gloves or helmet to play it in the winter.

It’s better that your body temperature is not being shocked with the water temperature then you can enjoy water sport without worrying anything.

2/ Keep your temperature stably

As recommended above, you should wear proper gear when going to the water. However, you shouldn’t wear too much clothes. It makes your body uncomfortable to move, even leading some dangers being out of your control.

There are some ways to maintain your temperature stably in the cool water. For example, you drink a cup of cool drink and warm up your body before jumping the water. It’s better to wake up your body warmly. When it feels your hot temperature, this time’s enough to start water sports.

Furthermore, you use some tips to keep warm when finishing exercise in the water. Instead of taking a warm shower immediately, you should come in a warm room to change the wet gear, drink a warm water. When your temperature is recovered, you should get a hot shower later.

All tips to keep your temperature stably without shocking with the cool or the hot water.

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