Top the best water sports in the beautiful places (Part 1)

Water sport always attacks people to discover because it brings new experience under the  water.

There are a wide range of water sport type for your exploring, such as scuba diving, surfing, sailing, waterskiing so on. The fact, per place has unique for per water sport.

In this article, we share some water sports in some beautiful places. You should do it at thesr places to enjoy maximum feeling.

1, Diving in Jellyfish Lake, Eil Malk Island, Palau

Eil Malk Island is well-known with beautiful landscapes. It owns natural and unique landscape so it’s suitable for divers to discover jellyfish under the sea.

It will have an interesting trip to immerse the nature and the sea. Espcially, you should dive in the moring, this is perfect time for jellyfish to migrate in the surface of water to enjoy sunsight, so you are easy to see it naturally.

Don’t worry about stinging, they are friendly and safe to dive around.

2, Waterski in Lake Powell, USA

Lake Powell is the man-made lake in the USA. With length in 300 km, it is considered as the second largest reservoir in this nation.

Located between Utah and Arizone, this lake provides many water actitivies like swimming, diving, skiing, finishing…

It owns impressive long shoreline, so someone chooses to travel on a boat to see the sightseeing. Hiking is another water sport should be recommended at there.

Waterski is the most popular water sport in Lake Powell. 

Besides offerring water sports, they also have other entertainment services to attack more vistors. Estimated every year they welcome 2 million visitors for journey.

3, Surfing in the Aleutian Islands, USA

This is a great destination for someone prefer adventuring.

Around the Aleutian Islands, there are tens of volcanic to make more interesting and dangerous for surfing.

The unspoiled landscape as well the wildlife makes your trips unforgettable feeling.

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