Top the best water sports in the beautiful places (Part 2)

In this article, we continue to share top the best destinations to enjoy water sports in the world. 

The fact, there are other millions of places to discover water sport. However, some places are unique to suit only some sports, so it becomes more interesting and beautiful for exploration. 

Don’t hesitate to follow our ranking if you are finding some places for your coming summer trip.

4, Sailing in Capri, Italy

Capri in Italy is well-known as a glamorous island. So it’s famous for luxurious resorts around steep hills or along the beaches. Although it is considered as an expensive destination for high-class lifestyle, it has a perfect option for normal visitors to go sailing around this beautiful island. 

There are some free beaches around its coast for your exploration. Along the coast, there are some dramatic rocks to make natural landscapes for this place. When sailing on a boat, you feel peaceful and comfortable to enjoy nature and views around.

Sure that it makes your trip wonderful and relaxing after pressure of the outside life.

5, Going fish in Hamnoy, Norway

Someone prefers going fish, Hamnoy in Norway is one of your option.

It is an old finish village located in Lofoten island, Norway. Someone describes it is picturesque with the wildness and nature.

Going fish is the best experience should be recommended when visiting here. Visitors will stay in cabins of fishermen, then travel around island. In cabins, they serve enough basic facilities like the Internet, snack.

Besides fishing, it’s great to rent a boat for sailing or a bike to go hiking around the village. Landscapes are peaceful to make a relaxing trip. You improve more knowledge about culture and custom at there. It’s a great for a holiday.

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