Top water sport for losing weight

Water sport is one of the most favorite hobby in the summer. It’s amazing to immerse the cool water in the hot weather. Besides it, water sport brings a lot of benefit for someone need to lose weight.

If you are caring about doing water sport to burn more calories, you should follow our article. We share top the greatest water sports for losing weight efficiently.

4/ Surfing

 Estimated that you can burn up to 250 calories per hour for surfing. It’s special that surfing requires a full-body workout when using your shoulders, back muscles to handle and overcome strong waves in the beach.

Even experienced surfers, they can burn more energy because they will perform and handle more big waves, they connect more body parts to overcome it. It means they will consume more calories.

5/ Kitesurfing

Do you surprise when player can burn about 1,000 calories per hour in kitesurfing. Consuming calories rate is higher calories rate of swimming.

As proved, kitesurfing is an intense workout when players need to combine upper body, arm, core muscles as well lower back and leg muscles. Almost body parts should be used and connected to make a full workout of kitesurfing.

Furthermore, you have to use your energy to prevent wind speed. Therefore, the stronger the wind is, the more calories players can consume.

In general, the women is less efficiently to play this water sport than man because their ability to handle with the wind is weaker.

6/ Sailing

If kitesurfing and surfing require complicated skills, you can replace another simple sport but still can burn up to 315 calories per hour. It’s sailing.

In sailing, you are relaxing to chill on the deck and control the boat by using your shoulder, back muscles, arm muscles, chest, core and legs to start this sailing.

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