Top water sport for losing weight

Water sport is one of the most popular activities in the summer. All the sunshine and heat from the summer make more interesting and relaxing when coming into the water.

Whether it’s swimming in the pool, surfing in the water or diving in under the marine, there are plenty of ways to enjoy and discover water sports. 

Besides benefits for health, water sports are great to lose weight. It can burn a lot of calories whereas you practice without making pressure or difficulties. 

In this article, we share top water sports you should follow if you tend to lose weight fast.

1/ Rowing

Rowing is a great exercise for losing weight. Estimated that one hour in stationary rower can burn 680 calories. 

You should do this sport with a team. Depending your number of a group, you can choose size of the boat properly.

It looks a crew with working every muscle on the body from the heat to arm, leg continuously.  So, it can burn a ton of calories easily but don’t make worrying or stressing. Following these steps in rowing, you will burn calories simply.

2/ Swimming

Swimming is too familiar with loser. It should be recommended in any case for them. Because this sport is easy to follow at swimming pool, river, lake or the marine where there are a lot of water.

In one hour for swimming, a normal person can burn about 480 calories. This sport is good to practice your muscles as well improve cardio endurance and stability. Besides, swimming brings other benefits for health.

3/ Stand-up paddle boarding

Someone finds to new experience, you can choose stand-up paddle boarding. 

This sport is useful to burn 450 calories in one hour when you need to combine your chest, shoulders and arms at the same time. It’s good to practice every joints in body across the water.

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