Top water sports you should try in the winter (Part 2)

Here we continue to share top favorite sports you should enjoy in the winter. Whether you are a fan of sport or not, you should enjoy sports to improve health and spirit.

Furthermore, playing sports also brings great experience for you. 


This sport has some similar features like kayaking. You can go sightseeing and enjoy the nature around the sea by paddle surfing.

However, you enjoy the landscapes not by on foot or walking, boating. You use a pair of paddles then handle it by yourself to anywhere you expect. It looks an adventure to discover the sea in the cold weather.

It’s better to prepare the route detail before you start this game. You should bring a map to determine the route correctly. Also determine the staring and ending place as well other factors about accessories, weather, especially the foggy days.


It’s another version of scuba diving, however skills and techniques are simpler, so it suits demand of many people who expect to discover life in the ocean.

In this water sport, you should choose places with calm currents and intermediate depth (about less than 4 meters). These are safe distance for diver to catch the air sometimes.

It’s amazing feeling when you immerse the cold in a long time. It’s useful to practice your muscles and bones stronger.


This sport is suitable to enjoy in the winter because it usually appears strong winds with super speed. So, it is a great challenge for players.

Through movement of wind, you can go with it and discover the beauty of the sea. To limit wet, you should wear a wetsuit. It’s better for your travel.

However, you shouldn’t do it when the storm has ended or forecasted. You will not control your speed and face risks.

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