Top water sports you should try!

Water sports brings amazing emotion for players because it’s not easy to find a proper beach to join water sports. Almost people feel are interesting in playing water sports, especially in the summer vacation.

In this article, we will discuss top must-try water sport as recommendations for your coming summer. Don’t hesitate to enjoy it if you are creating a wonderful summer.


This water sport is particular for someone loving adventurous and challenging. This means that you jump off a cliff into water in the sea without safety hooks or belts. After your cliff jumping, you are dropping to the bottom of the sea.

This sport is well-known as the most dangerous and risky water sport when many young players lost their lives or made serious injuries while jumping off the cliff.

The fact that it becomes more dangerous when player doesn’t know exact the height or depth of water while he only takes action one time.

However, you can join it safety by doing research about height of jumping, character in the water as well using some protection equipment.


Cave diving is also called as scuba diving which you can explore chambers and caverns under the sea. This is surreal experience to discover beauties of the nature in the depth.

To join this sport, it requires you to understand and overcome diving skills. It means you have to pass certificates as a real diver although you can ask a professional guide to support you during the diving trip. Requirements seem to test whether you can save your life by yourself when some accidents can happen in the sea or not.

For a sea sport lover, these requirements to join cave diving is simple when their passion can resist. You can enjoy value and life in the sea by your naked eyes. Sure that it is a memorial event in your life.

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