Top watersport you should enjoy in the summer (Part 2)

Here we continue to check top the best watersport you can play in the summer. It’s great to immerse under water in the hot and sunny weather of the summer. Your mood feels better and happier to discover new thing from the world of under water.

5, Banana Boat Ride

Also a version of boating but it is completely different from kayaking. I

If kayaking brings a lot of peaceful minutes while you paddle and go sightseeing around, banana boat ride is another experience to make funny and a little adventurous with waves.

Although you are on a boat, it looks like inflatable and bumpy towed by a motorboat. So, speed is so higher than kayaking. 

Your team will be on waves and flow movement of motorboat. It should be an exciting experience during the hot summer. 

Don’t forget to use lifejacket to protect yourself safe during the trip.

6, Wakeboarding

It’s a thrilling and adventurous watersport, so should consider before joining it.

Once you can handle the board, you can overcome waves amazingly. It’s great when you are immersing and freshening by water’s splashing.

If you play this game in the first time, you should reference some tips for beginner. It’s better to use wakeboarding at the low speed to guarantee about safety. When you are mature, you can go further with higher speed.

7, Kite-surfing

Kite-surfing is higher level of traditional surfing which is combination between surfing and wakeboarding.

If you are confident to your surfing ability, this game is a new experience.

Still there are some thrilling emotion when you are using kite to move over waves. Speed of winds will push your speed on the water is higher and higher. So, it requires you to have enough power to keep kite. 

This sport is an adventurous game to make your summer to be more interesting.

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